Sublimation ornament blanks-Chimney

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New Christmas Hanging Ornaments. 
They can be customized with your precious photos by sublimation printing. You can hang them on your Christmas tree or anywhere to add a little Christmas in your house!

Size: 2" h x 1.8"w

Pressing instructions:

What comes with this listing:

(1) Ornament and red ribbon are included.
(1) Blank White Aluminum Sublimation insert.


1. Using sublimation paper and sublimation ink, print a mirrored image small enough to sublimate on this pendant.
2. Remove clear film from shiny white side of blank.
3. Tape image to be printed over blank using using heat tape and press image on shiny side of blank at 360 degrees on your heat press for 120 seconds.
3. Remove white adhesive paper off back side of blank and adhere to pendant. If preferred you can also glue sublimated blank to pendant using E6000 glue.

The recommended settings above for sublimation may need
adjustments for best results. Sublimation settings will vary depending on the
heat press brand and model ink and paper and atmospheric conditions.