Sublimation Ornament

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    • Height: 2.95 inches

      Width: 2.95 inches

      Depth: .1 inches

It's well made, thick and sized at 2.95" x 2.95" x .1" thick! Sturdy and well made will stand the test of time! Comes with a basic red ribbon, but you can also pair with our custom color ribbons for pre-tied bows and more color options!


Remove clear protecting film from both sides (if ornament is double sided).
Tape mirrored image to blank and place in press with design facing down, blank facing up. (This means the side of the ornament that is being sublimated should be facing towards the sky so it touches the hot part of your heat press.)
Press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds.
Remove design from substrate and let cool with a heavy object on top to help prevent warping.
For double sided items, after first side is pressed, allow substrate to cool completely. Turn over and repeat above steps.