Double Sided Ceramic Ornaments

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Material: Ceramic

Color: White

Shape: Round

Size: Approximately 2.75"

Ornament comes with gold string to hang ornament is provided with each ornament.

These ornaments feature a gloss white sublimation finish perfect for your favorite photos or special occasion memories. Ornaments are blank double sided ceramic sublimation ornaments.

Please note: The best way to press these ceramic ornaments is to use a pressing pillow, foam pillow or pad to limit cracks and breakage. Rare Designs will not be responsible for broken or cracked ornaments due to incorrect pressing techniques.

Temperature: 385-400 F
Time: 130-160 seconds (depending on artwork as each heat press is different)
Pressure: Light/ Medium
***I've found 400 degrees F for 130 seconds with a pressing pillow works best for me***

The recommended settings above may need adjustments for best results. Settings will vary depending on the heat press brand, ink,a nd paper.